HE MISSION OF THE WARRIOR FORGED PROJECT (WFP)T is to inspire and empower women, teens, families and children, to courageously fight through life’s battles, by teaching them mental and physical life skills and how to obtain a healthy lifestyle through the use of self defense and martial arts.

The primary focus of the WFP is to provide FREE self defense education to communities far and wide.  This is done by certified WFP instructors, traveling to different towns, conducting seminars for the community, and finding new instructors that believe in the WFP mission to become WFP instructors, and in turn, new instructors give free weekly community classes to their community.  This way, the instructors are traveling to new towns every week, and conducting weekly classes in as many towns as possible.  Secondary goals include the creation of family programs, school programs, school seminars, online educational series, and their Teen Warrior Forged program, which will largely do with educating teens going from middle school to high school, and from high school to college.  The WFP is also partnering with programs involved in the fight against domestic abuse, and human trafficking.


Programs are located at hosting gyms, academies, schools, and anywhere there is a facility with open space.



The Warrior Forged Project is dedicated to educating the world on the critical need for self defense education.  We feel that if we reach enough people with our message, that we can certainly cause a ripple effect that will change the world for the better.  We have found that we are unique from other self defense programs.  Not only are our seminars and weekly programs completely FREE, but we teach self defense in an entirely different way then others.  We share our stories, and enlighten our students in the areas of self worth, value of human life, and how awareness is achieved by continued education and not so much the learning of physical technique. 

The WFP will reach people through seminars, classes, assemblies, presentations, online media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets, webinars, websites, meetings, private events, podcasts, mobile apps, and blogs.


100% of the organizations time is used to support the mission of the Warrior Forged Project.  All activity is educational based, and all instructors, board members, officers, and employees of the Warrior Forged Project are constantly teaching, instructing, attending instructional seminars, or training in martial arts, to further their education to support the mission. 

The WFP trains all its instructors through certification programs and offers community service hours to assistant instructors as they are in the certification process.

WFP instructors must go through rigorous mental and physical training.  Their training facility in Victorville, CA, Integrated Combat Systems University, supplies them with the training they need.  WFP goes through ICSU for Krav Maga Certifications and Women’s Defensive Tactics Course where students learn personal protection, criminology, victimology, the laws of self defense, tactical training, personal training, health and nutrition, and of course, martial arts basics of krav maga and other arts such as jiu-jitsu, judo, escrima, Boxing, and muay thai.  Instructors must continually train at their home facilities/academies and educate themselves in the mental and physical aspects of martial arts.

ICSU Courses


We raise money by fundraising, obtaining sponsorships and flat donations!


Programs for Volunteers

At times, the board of directors and/or officers of the WFP may provide internships or volunteer opportunities which will provide outreach activities and programs based on health, nutrition, sports sciences, diet, history of martial arts, tactical training, marketing, advertising, publishing, web development, management, or other related positions.  At the same time, such volunteers or interns will have the opportunity to train with WFP instructors and become certified instructors themselves.


The vision of WFP is to create a safer, happier world to live in by educating people, specifically our youth and women, in mental and physical self defense.  By following their mission, they plan to have successfully raised awareness, safety, and worthiness throughout the planet, within years of starting this amazing non-profit.