The mission of the Warrior Forged Project is to inspire and empower women, teens, families and children, to courageously fight through life’s battles, by teaching them mental and physical life skills and how to obtain a healthy lifestyle through the use of martial arts.

The project was founded because our executive director, Stacey Councilman, wanted to put together a group of strong, empowered women to teach other women, that they too, could become strong and empowered.  Stacey never wanted to charge students admission for spreading her knowledge but wanted to get the word out and teach more than just her small community.  She wanted to find a team, because behind every successful woman, there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.  As soon as Stacey decided that the Warrior Forged Project should be a non-profit, her entire team came to her with an ease that still gives her goosebumps.  Not only did we build a team in what seemed like minutes… but now we have a second team developing in Redding (Stacey’s hometown), and looking for more instructors near and far to start the WFP program in their own towns.

Our primary focus is to offer FREE self-defense seminars and community classes to as many communities as possible.  Our secondary focus is to train women to be instructors alongside us, to promote consistent training in, not only multiple martial arts simultaneously, but also in personal protection – body-guarding, criminology, victimology, the law of self-defense, tactical training, personal training, health and nutrition, etc.  In focusing on these two areas, we plan to spread awareness of the need for self-defense education throughout the world.  Our motto… Be Your Own Hero, Be Warrior Forged.

So, what we do, exactly, is travel to different locations to deliver our FREE Women’s Self Defense Seminars. So the objective is to do 3-4 seminars per month in different locations. Then we have our FREE Community Classes, so we offer these 1-3 days per week, depending on the location and the instructors in that area. This way each community we service, has access to FREE weekly classes, with no catch. The classes and seminars are FREE, to the host and to the attendees.

Of course, to be able to afford traveling and training for all of these instructors, we DO have to make funds happen…


So the ways we are trying to raise money is by sponsorships and flat donations, fundraising events, and soon we will have an online membership, where you can buy an app, or go through our website and download all of our techniques, videos, webinars, and have access to our learning materials as well as get discounts on our instructor seminars. So you can actually learn self-defense through us on our online program, however, we always suggest that you get continual training at your local academy or dojo.


Our instructor certification seminars do however, cost money because we go through our sister organization for our training. Our sister organization is ICSU or Integrated Combat Systems University, located in Victorville, California. Stacey is also the director of Team Kadima, founded by ICSU, which is the partner of the Warrior Forged Project. We go through ICSU to get our Krav Maga Certifications, as well as our WDTC Women’s Defense Tactics Course Certifications. If you are an instructor or student of the Warrior Forged Project you can get these courses at up to 80% off.

ICSU Courses

In the future WFP will add the Family Fortress Program, which is currently being designed by ICSU and will focus on FAMILY self-defense seminars. We will also have a program for schools and colleges, as well as public speaking for large groups and conferences.

There are many options for folks to use our program.

1. HOST A SEMINAR: Host a Women’s Self Defense Seminar. We come to you, handle all the advertising, marketing, and ticketing for the seminar. We promote you as the gym/academy that is hosting us and you get plugs on social media as well as a chance to speak about your program during the seminar, so you can reach potential clients/members.

2. JOIN WFP: Another option, is to have a couple successful women athletes or martial artists from your gym/academy, join us in training with the WFP. The benefits of joining WFP would be joining in on the credibility and awareness we are trying to achieve worldwide, as well as eventually we will be paying for all of our instructors travel and training within the program, so there is a chance in the near future to make an income through the WFP, if you are a certified instructor through us, and want to travel to teach self defense. To be certified, the instructors must finish our certification courses through ICSU and be willing to instruct one free weekly community class to women.

3. GET CERTIFIED THROUGH ICSU: The third way is for the owners of any academy that believes in our cause, have their instructors go through our ICSU course so they can teach self defense the way we do and be affiliates of the program.

Our calendar fills up fast, if you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact us as soon as possible so we can get you on the calendar!